Thursday, October 16, 2014

From the Command Tent
In October, the Independent Guard completed its 2014 Campaign at Hartford City, IN.  This was the 25th anniversary of the event led by Orville Uggen who, as always, did an excellent job of organizing the event.  Being a re-enactor himself, he always goes the extra mile to make sure the re-enactors are well taken care of.

I want to thank all the IG members who came in early to support the school days on Friday as this is one of Orville’s primary fund raisers for the event.  The weather was cold, windy and damp.  But you braved the elements and performed an excellent presentation for the school children.

Even though this year the IG's attendance was about half of what it usually is, the battles were still intense.  The hand to hand combat was very good.  I heard spectators comment that it looked quite real.

Special mention goes to the 5th KY and 1st TN who were very aggressive on our wings.  Both units had the Union forces off balance and left them wondering where they were going to get hit next.  Good job all.

The IG elections for Col., Lt. Col., and Major were held Saturday Morning.  The results were as follows:
Colonel – Danny Linkous
Lt. Colonel – Duane Clark
Major – Russ Judge

Adjutant John Porter still has another year to go on his current term.

As you are all aware, after a long and illustrious career, Len Kizer retired as our Sgt. Major at Hartford City. But this leaves his position empty for a season. So, Dave Julian agreed to step in during the 2015 season to fill out the final year of Len's elected term as Sgt. Major.

Per our bylaws, the election next year will be for Adjutant and Sgt. Major.

After the elections, as the newly elected Colonel I held a brief meeting with the staff and Co. Commanders.

I sought their input on what needs to be done to bring the IG back up to the strength it once enjoyed.  Communication was one of the important topics.  With that being said, with the help of Russ Judge and Todd Huston, we are going back to the old IG website on the Internet.  That is where our history is and where the bylaws governing our battalion resides.  We are also going to create a Facebook site for quick and easy communication.

To make these sites successful, we need to know what the member companies are doing.  So, if any of you have an event or have done an event, let either Todd or Russ know so they can get it into the newsletter and on Facebook.  Also, we’d like to have photos of your events to post on these sites.

At this time, I want to recognize four individuals who have put in so many years with the IG.

The first being Dave Julian. Dave has been with the IG from its beginning in 1997.  He has worked his way up from Major and has spent the last 7 years as its Commanding officer. His dedication has been incredible and we thank him for his long service to the battalion.

The second individual is Sgt. Major Len Kizer.  After 20 years in the hobby, Len has decided to take a break.  Personally, Len, I’m going to miss that hat with the feather in it bobbing about at the end of the line.  Plus, the salutes when you know my hands were full.  You’ve been a true friend and I’ll miss you.

The third is Col. Todd Huston.  Todd was one of the founders of the IG.  Without him, there might not have been an Independent Guard.  Todd made the trip to Hartford City as did the fourth individual, the 1st Tennessee's Gary Evans, to say farewell to Len and Dave and wish them the best.

Finally, to all of you: thank you once more for the work and devotion you've all put into the Independent Guard. I appreciate your support and will endeavor to do my very best as your leader.
Your Obedient Servant,
Col. Danny Linkous
P. S.  Gentlemen, remember, this Battalion is your Battalion.  Let the staff know your concerns and needs. We’re here to serve you.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Independent Guard Elections

Elections for the staff positions of Colonel, Lt Colonel, and Major are this year at Hartford City, October 11-12, 2014.  Nominated for these positions are:

Danny Linkous

Lt. Colonel:
Richard Dewitt
Duane Clark

Russ Judge

Also, Len Kizer will be stepping down as Sgt Major at Hartford City after a long run in the position.  Since it is the middle of the term, no election will be held until 2015 for this position, so to fulfill the remainder of the term, Colonel Julian will select someone to brevet to the position until the 2015 election.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dear Staff, officers and members of the Independent Guard Battalion,
Greetings! It finally looks like Spring will soon be upon us. I need to know who is planning on attending the Spotsylvania/Wilderness national event the first weekend of May. PACS is asking for a troop estimate. I know the 50 Va is planning on attending as well as the 5 Ky. If we have one more company we will be able to be our own Battalion. With just 2 companies we won't know until we arrive if we will be divided and put with another Battalion or have other co. fall in with us. Let me know soon.

I have another item of importance. This is the last year of my current term of office. With a good deal of  time spent in consideration and thought, I have decided to not run for Colonel of the Independent Guard Battalion at the elections to be held at Hartford City in October. This is my 35th year of re-enacting, and I need to re-charge my batteries. Three things have contributed to my decision. First, I will be 65 in June and my body is telling me to slow down. I am forcing it to do things that is taking me longer to recover from. My feet hurt constantly, my knees hurt most of the time. I am just falling apart and pushing myself is contributing to my deteriation. Secondly, my work is fortunately picking up which takes away time from Coloneling. Lastly, I think new blood is needed in the position of Colonel. I just don't have the time or energy to devote to the guidance of the Independent Guard Battalion, and it is suffering for that. I want the I.G.B. to continue on, and I don't want to drag it down. Those interested in running for any of the Colonel, Lt. Colonel and Major positions must inform the Adj. Lt. Porter 60 days before the elections, which would be end of July-1st of August.

I want this last year of my being Colonel to be a good one for all of you. I have been studying revising some of our Battalion movements and will try one or two of those as well as the normal ones at our Conner Prairie event in May. If I don't see you at the Wilderness 150th event, then I'll look forward to seeing you at Conner Prairie. I remain

your obedient servant,
Dave Julian, Col., Independent Guard Battalion

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Staff, Officers, and members of the Independent Guard Battalion,
Greetings! Conner Prairie would like for us to consider moving our camp sites from the past locations to newer locations. Suggested camp locations are to be in and next to the Lenape Trading Post, or at the bottom of the hill just west of the Conner House and the Trading Post. We have been at both locations in the past. I would like some feedback on your ideas for the confederate camp location. Conner Prairie would like all of us to be closer together and not so spread out so the public can visit all of our camps. Please let me know your thoughts. I remain,
your obedient servant,
Dave Julian, Col., I.G.B.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Staff, Officers and members of the Independent Guard Battalion,
I am happy to report that HQ is not in a tent this weekend. In the following please find the minutes of the winter meeting of 1/18/2014.
 1. The meeting was called to order by Col. Julian at 1:00 pm.
 2. Col. Julian welcomed all that were able to wade through the snow. There were 14 representatives present from the 5th Va., 50th Va., 44th Tn., 27th Va., 5th Ky., and 1st Tn.
 3. The review of last year's events was tabled as more bad weather was moving in and all wanted to head home before much snow accumulated.
 4. Battalion elections. It was decided that since the majority of the units were not wanting to return to Jackson, Mi. this year, the battalion elections will be held at Hartford City's event in October. The positions of Colonel, Lt. Colonel and Major are up for election this year.
 5. Company reports. Not much since unit meetings have not been held at this time. The 27th Va. are evaluating joining with the 5th Va. this year at events since their troop numbers are down.
 6. Proposed 150th events subject to change:
     150th Wilderness/Spotsylvania May 1-4...50th Va. and 5th Ky. plan to attend.
     150th Cedar Creek Oct. 26-27... 5th Ky. plans on attending.
     150th Franklin, Tn. Nov. 15-16... two companies are doing research on who to and how to register.
Keep in mind that if two or more companies plan on attending an event, the Battalion Staff should also plan on attending as it will be considered a I.G.B. event.
 7.  Events I.G.B. companies will attend:
     Spring Mill State Park, In. Winter Battle Feb. 14-15
     Vernon, In. April 26-27
     150th Wilderness May 1-4
     Conner Prairie May 17-18  IGB max. effort (5 Co.)
     Spring Mill State Park, In.May 24-26
     Ohio Village, Oh. June 21-22 (2 Co.)
     Greenwood, In. Living History June 28-29
     Sharon Woods, Oh. July 12-13 (2 Co.)
     Lebanon, In. Sept. 27-28
     Hartford City, In. Oct. 11-12 IGB max. effort (5 Co.)
     150th Cedar Creek Oct. 26-27
     150th Franklin, Tn. Nov. 15-16
 8. The coat/hat issue at Conner Prairie was discussed. I have been promised by Col. Wilkins and the staff of C.P. that conf. troops can wear their hats and coats into the Civil War Experience. That means the buildings and grounds at which those activities are presented. You will not be stopped or questioned by guards if you stay in the area of the C.W.E. If you do try to enter any of the established Union infantry, artillery and cavalry military camps, expect to be told to remove your hat and coat since those areas are under military rule. If you are harrassed within the boundaries of the C.W.E., come and tell me immediately and I will come down on the perpetrators. Don't wait 3 hrs. or 3 days, or 2 years after the fact when I can't address or enforce the promises made to the IGB. When given reason to kick union butt, I want to call them out and hold them accountable. Conner Prairie will make sure we are satisfied.
 9. The meeting was adjurned at 2:45pm, with a heavy snow falling.

These minutes were taken and prepared by Adj. Lt. Porter and Col. Julian

Time to put more wood on the fire. I remain
your obedient servant,
Dave Julian, Col., I.G.B.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to the staff, members and friends of the Independent Guard Battalion.
I have an update on the Winter meeting to be held at Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana. The meeting is to be in the Woodlands South meeting room, upstairs in the museum. It will still be at 1:00 pm Saturday, Jan. 18.
I am making arrangements for the C.P. staff to attend so we can voice our concerns over the "no coats and hats rule" and get it abolished. Again, myself and Mrs. Col. Julian wish all of you a very merry holiday season. Keep warm, oil your leathers and get ready for the winter battle at Spring Mill State Park in Feb.
I remain
your obedient servant,
Dave Julian, Col. Independent Guard Battalion

P.S. the date for Conner Prairie Civil War Days is May 21-22, 2014

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dear Staff, Officers, members and friends of the Independent Guard Battalion,

BRRRRRR Greetings. It feels like we went straight from summer to winter with a week of fall weather in between. I hope this message finds you well and warm. Mrs. Col. and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and a lot to reflect upon while in winter camp. Conner Prairie has confirmed that a room is available for our winter meeting on the second floor of the museum at Conner Prairie, to be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, Jan.18, 2014. We have a lot to discuss on the agenda. I am getting information gathered for midwest events as well as national events that we will have to vote on attending. An important decision needs to be made on when to hold the fall meeting at which we vote on positions of the battalion staff. Next year we vote upon Col., Lt. Col. and Major positions, and we need to have an event where most of the battalion co. are in attendance. That will work itself out once we figure out where the battalion companies want to attend events. Those co. who put on events may want to find out if their events can support more battalion co. in attendance. The yanks are working on at least one if not two new events for our region. Feb. is already filling up with the winter battle at Spring Mill State Park and the Indianapolis Assembly Ball. Col. G and PACS is hoping we can come over in force to the 150th Wilderness the first week of May. So keep your ears open for other events we can talk about at the winter meeting. Fellows, this has been an active, long re-enacting season, and I really appreciated your attendance at Hartford City this year, and I believe all had a good time. It seems for half the season, I was breveted to a higher rank and while the staff took care of the troops, I still missed being in front of the IGB. We have been invited back to H.C. next year, as well as to Conner Prairie, to which the uniform issue is being hashed out and hopefully solved by the time of the winter meeting. Conner Prairie want us back, and as I have explained to them, their event will look silly with 100 yanks and 10-15 Confederates. So I have things to work on while in winter quarters. I will report back to you in December. In the meantime, eat plenty, be thankful for what you have, help those in need and keep our modern troops in your prayers as well. I remain
your obedient servant,

Dave Julian, Colonel, Independent Guard Battalion